If you place orders with us (BrownBox Limited) on the website or via other methods you agree to being legally bound to these Terms & Conditions. Orders accepted by us are subject to these Terms & Conditions at the exclusion of your Terms & Conditions.


Orders placed with BrownBox Limited are final.

You are placing all orders on a Firm Sale basis.

In the event of incorrect or a change of pricing we will contact you to correct the order.

Orders placed with BrownBox Limited will be delivered within a timely period.

We will aim to deliver Pre-orders or products with restricted sales dates as close to the release date as possible.

In the event your News Account is on stop, we will cancel all orders that haven’t entered the delivery system. Items that have been ordered and in the delivery system will be billed to you and upon your News Account being back in credit terms will be delivered to you.

Delivery & Payment

There is no minimum order.

There is no delivery charge for items delivered by our standard delivery partners. Carriage may be payable for other delivery methods.

Delivery of ordered goods will be via your news wholesalers.

Payment for goods will be through your News Wholesalers as per your standard News Wholesaler terms and conditions.

Goods are transferred to your ownership upon delivery to your delivery point as per your standard News Wholesaler terms and conditions.

Please contact your news wholesaler local branch with any delivery queries.


In the event of any shortages you should contact your News Wholesaler.  Delivery will be via their normal supply Terms & Conditions.

You are expected to have a secure location as per your News Wholesaler supply agreement.


All WSP (Wholesale Selling Prices) are displayed excluding VAT. Currently VAT is 20% if it should change invoicing and price will be amended on any outstanding orders.

All RRP (Recommended Retail Prices) are including VAT.

POR% (Profit on Return) is calculated excluding VAT.

Our VAT Number is 123 4567 89


In the event of withdrawn stock, out of stocks, manufacturer failure, late deliveries or we cancel your order(s), we are not legally responsible for any losses you may incur, loss of profit, business reputation damage or any other consequential losses.

Returns are not permitted. The only exceptions to this may be due to product recall or faulty goods. Please email us at info@brown-box.co.uk for returns advice and a RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorisation). If you return goods with a RMA you will not receive any credit.

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